Introducing Light-based Bioprinting

Date & time: 2021-02-24 13:00:00

p.m. CST| 2 p.m. JST | 4 p.m. AEDT

Hosted by:

Dr. Haruka Yoshie, Application Specialist at CELLINK

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Join Dr. Haruka Yoshie, an Application Specialist at CELLINK, for an in-depth look on light-based bioprinting.
Learn more about:

  • 3D bioprinting basics
  • Introduction to 3D light-based bioprinting
  • Discover CELLINK’s light-based bioprinters:

LUMEN X, powered by Volumteric: learn how the first DLP bioprinter can enhance applications in microfluidics, cell-laden hydrogels, macroporous structures and more.
Holograph X: with unmatched speed and resolution, the Holograph X is the first and only laser-based bioprinting system that can recreate human physiology at submicrometer resolutions within minutes.