C.BIRD™ – Revolution of small-scale cell culture

Date & time: 2020-09-23 15:30:00

CEST | 9:30 EDT

Hosted by:

Dr. Charles Tsai, CEO at cytena Bioprocess Solutions

Join Dr. Charles Tsai, CEO at CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions for an insightful discussion on how to optimize cell culture environments in 96/24 well-plates with C.BIRD™ technology. Dr. Charles Tsai will walk you through the benefits of C.BIRD™ culture and how it benefits cell line development and other potential cell culture applications.
Learn more about:
The advantage of C.BIRD™ culture
• Continuously mixing for homogenous media composition
• Low shear rate mixing to reduce stress on cell lines
• Increase oxygen transfer to cell lines
How C.BIRD™ can benefit to the cell line development workflow
• Increase cell density / protein yield / Productivity
• Bring suspension culture into 96/24 well plates
• Pre-selection in early-stage

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