Optimize your printing process

We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality products and keeping your work cutting edge. Our scientists run tests continually to validate and improve our bioinks, optimize the printing parameters we provide – and ensure that your lab stays state-of-the-art.

We explain how to optimize the printing pressure.

We ran tests to identify the optimal printing parameters of the thermoplastics PCL, PLA and PLGA.

We demonstrate dual droplet printing with two of our bioinks.

The built-in Droplet function of the BIO X is the perfect way to start your 3D cultures.

Using different bioinks for the infill and perimeter.

We demonstrate how to print a three-layered grid with GelXA SKIN and build a skin model.

We demonstrate how to print two droplets on top of each other to create encapsulated droplets.

We demonstrate printing complex structures for better visualization and training before bioprinting with cells.

We demonstrate printing bioinks with lower viscosity with the aid of support materials like CELLINK®PLURONICS as well as using CELLINK START to support overhangs.