Customer Poster by A. Pössl

Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus: The Interplay between BioINK, Cell Culture and 3D-Printer

Our customer Axel Pössl, a Ph.D. student from the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology (IBPT) held a talk at the “European CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference” in June 2019 in Milan, Italy. He created a poster to visualize his talk below.

See the full poster here.


Pössl’s work analyzes how using bioprinting in cell therapies can fulfill several goals, including higher and longer cell viability, long-term functionality of tissue, supportive structures for cells and reduced potential for immune rejection.



CELLINK products used

  • CELLINK bioinks.
  • CELLINK nozzles.


  • Cell organization might be a key factor for highly viable and functional cell-laden structures.
  • Physicochemical properties of bioink should mimic the in vivo extracellular matrix in humans.
  • Critical printing process parameters are identified and established.

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