Innovative, state-of-the-art and designed with your work in mind.


Innovative, state-of-the-art and designed with your work in mind.

HeartOS operating system

The built-in operating system that simplifies your workflow with an intuitive user interface.

DNA Studio desktop application (previously known as HeartWare)

One application, all of your instruments, none of the hassle. Use DNA Studio to create print protocols and complex configurations from the comfort of your computer.

DNA Cloud web portal

Get the latest software updates and store all your printing protocols on the DNA Cloud.

Print out of the box

We designed HeartOS and DNA Studio to maximize ease-of-use and minimize the learning curve.

BIO X guides you step-by-step through the printing workflow. No technical onboarding necessary — just turn it on and you’re ready to start printing!

Droplet printing, now faster than ever

Use the ultraresponsive touchscreen to set up your printing pattern. BIO X will finish droplet printing in no time, no matter how many wells in your well plate.

Print any model anytime

Want to print a construct you saw online? Our software can read files from your USB flash drive. Store your files to print them when you need them.

Agile printing parameters

Use our flexible software to modify settings as you print.

Easily adjust parameters like flow and speed to test variables and develop a protocol that optimizes your unique research.

Ensure perfection

Whether it’s G-code or STL, you can always preview your file before you print.

Navigate your construct layer-by-layer, use active tools to print infill and use slicing preview to see how each layer setting will affect your results.

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