Convenient handling of bioprinted constructs is extremely important for cell studies since it can save precious time of your research and, what is even more important, it allows keeping your constructs stable over long cell study period. For this reason, we offer new substrate coating material CELLINK PrintGlue™. It is made of completely transparent nanocellulose that does not interfere with cell imaging and increases attachment of constructs printed with bioinks from CELLINK and GelXA series.

Sterile production and packaging
Store at 4-8°C
Six-month shelf life
For research use only. Not for human use.

Description IKH100004501 (45 mL)


Appearance  Clear gel
Sterility  Sterile
Endotoxing <2 EU/mL
Cytotoxicity  Not cytotoxic
pH  6.5-7.4