LUMEN X – PEGDA500 PhotoInk™ 10mL

Volumetric’s Lumen X – PEGDA500 PhotoInk is an advanced biocompatible and nonbiodegradable bioink designed specifically for the Lumen X. It is ideal for bioprinting microfluidic devices and lattice structures with struts >200 µm. 

The printed hydrogel is optically translucentstiffer than cartilage and strong enough to permit the forming of thin walls and small channelsIt can be used for drug delivery and constructs that do not require optical transparency.  

Only for use on the Lumen X. Not for use on the BIO X, INKREDIBLE or INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters. 

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved. 


Item number: D16110022030 PEGDA500 PhotoInk 10 mL

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