LUMEN X – PEGDA PhotoInk™ 10mL

Volumetric’s Lumen X  PEGDA PhotoInk is an advanced biocompatible and nonbiodegradable bioink designed specifically for the Lumen X bioprinter. It is ideal for bioprinting soft, gas-permeable microfluidic devices with intricate vascular architectures and for building macroporous scaffolds with struts >600 µm. The printed hydrogel will be mostly transparent with a stiffness closer to that of kidney fat. 

Only for use on the Lumen X. Not for use on the BIO X, INKREDIBLE or INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters. 

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved. 

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Item number: D16110020898 PEGDA PhotoInk™, Sterile Aqueous Solution, 1x stock solution, 10 mL

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