LUMEN X – GelMA PhotoInk™ 5mL

Volumetric’s Lumen X™ – GelMA PhotoInk™ is an optimized gelatin-based biodegradable bioink designed specifically for the CELLINK Lumen X bioprinter. The GelMA PhotoInk can be mixed with cell pellets and cured with little-to-no impact on cell viability. It can also resolve intricate vascular networks and channels that offer endothelial and epithelial cells the essential properties of their native environments. Lumen X’s built-in heating function is crucial for generating complex GelMA-based hydrogels.

Only for use on the Lumen X. Not for use on the BIO X™, INKREDIBLE™ or INKREDIBLE+™ bioprinters.

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved.

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Item number: D16110020897 Sterile Aqueous Solution, 1x stock solution, 5mL

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