LUMEN X – Extra Build Plate Assembly

Volumetric’s Build Platforms are the substrates onto which Lumen X prints adhere.

The slide-and-latch mechanism enables easy removal and installation of a fresh platform for nearly uninterrupted, sequential printing. You can easily sterilize Build Platforms as well – just submerge it in 70% ethanol and dry. To dry the Build Platform, gently blow inert gas or leave the platform upright for 30 minutes.

Available in glass and metal bottom varieties.The variety you should use is dependent on the PhotoInk™ used (glass variety for hydrogels and metal variety for resins).

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved.

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Item number: D16110020873 LUMEN X – Extra Build Plate Assembly, glass print surface

Item number: D16110022034 LUMEN X – Extra Build Plate Assembly, metal print surface


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