LUMEN X – Disposable PDMS Dish

Volumetric’s Lumen X™ – PDMS Dishes are lined with a proprietary silicone formula to enable gentle separation of cured PhotoInk™ layers while printing with the Lumen X. 

Sterile packaging is available for bioprinting with mammalian or bacterial cells, while nonsterile vats can be rinsed with 70% IPA or ethanol and used for multiple prints. When printing larger objects, a fresh vat is highly recommended to optimize printability.  

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved. 

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Item number: D16110020871 LUMEN X – Disposable PDMS Dish, 100 mm dish
Item number: D16110020872 LUMEN X – Disposable PDMS Dish, Sterile, 100 mm dish

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