LAP Powder

Lithium phenyl-2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphinate (LAP) is a cytocompatible photoinitiator utilized for the polymerization of water-soluble polymeric materials. This photoinitiator has an absorption at 405 nm which allows photocrosslinking under more cell friendly conditions compared to other photoinitiators such as Irgacure 2959. Additionally, LAP has a faster polymerization kinetics compared to Irgacure 2959 to enable encapsulation of cells at a more rapid rate. This photoinitiator is commonly utilized in bioprinting due to these properties.

Compatible for blending of many of our biomaterials such as the GelMA Kit, GelMA High, or Collagen Methacrylate.



For research use only. Not for human use.

Product number: VLLP00010001 (1 x 100 mg)
Product number: VLLP00010005 (1 x 500 mg)
Product number: VLLP00010010 (1 x 1 g)
Product number: VLLP00010050 (1 x 5 g)
Product number: VLLP00010100 (2 x 5 g)
Product number: VLLP00010200 (4 x 5 g)
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