Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology (I.DOT) is a patented approach for optimizing noncontact liquidhandling tasks. The system uses eight individually controlled positive pressure channels to generate droplets from 8 to 50 nanoliters from a small hole at the bottom of each well. Each channel can generate up to 100 droplets per second.

The technology enables droplets to be dispensed into the target plate below the source plate. I.DOT eliminates carryover and cross-contamination.

Low dead volume
Well reservoir design ensures dead volume <1 μL to conserve valuable reagents and samples.

Speed Dispense
10 nanoliters across a 96-well plate in 10 seconds and across a 384-well plate in 20 seconds.

Built-in droplet verification
I.DOT is the only instrument in the world to incorporate bubble detection and the capability to detect when users run out of source liquid.

Supports multiple liquid classes
Dispenses multiple liquid classes on-demand including aqueous solutions, PCR buffer, DMSO (up to 100%) and glycerol (up to 50%) – and defines liquid class at the well level.

Exchangeable source tray supports temperature control from 4 to 37 degrees Celsius and dispensing into any SBS target plate, including 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates.

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  • Volume range: 2 to 80,000 nL.
  • Accuracy (aqueous solutions) < 5% (≥100 nL) and < 8 % (<100 nL).
  • Precision (aqueous solutions) < 5% (≥100 nL) and < 8 % (<100 nL).
  • Number of I.DOT source plates : 1.
  • Number of target plates: 1.
  • Target plate types: Any SBS-compatible well plate, e.g. 96; 384; 1,536; 3,456 well plates.
  • Custom destination types.
  • SiLA compatible for third party integration.
  • Time to dispense a 384 well plate ≈ 20 seconds.
  • Time to dispense a 1536 well plate ≈ 80 seconds.
  • Maximum number of different liquids per run: 96.