HAMA Lyophilizate

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is vital for tissues such as skin, cartilage, bone, connective tissue, and nerves in the human body. HAMA is the methacrylated version of hyaluronic acid and is thereby photocurable in the presence of a photoinitiator. This lyophilized HAMA is easy to reconstitute in the Reconstitution Agent P, supplement with photoinitiator, and can then be used on its own or in bioink formulation for cell culture.

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100 mg lyophilized HAMA (sterile).

Minimum 4 months shelf life.
Optional photoinitiator: LAP or Irgacure 2959 (non-sterile)

The kit includes:

  • 100 mg lyophilized HAMA (sterile).
  • 50 mg LAP photoinitiator (non-sterile).
  • 50 mL Reconstitution Agent P (sterile).
  • Consumables Kit A5 (Five amber cartridges, five luer lock adaptors, 15 nozzles, all sterile)

For research use only. Not for human use.


White lyophilizate
Sterility Sterile
Degree of methacrylation 15-25%
Viscosity 57±20 Pa·s
pH 6.5-7.4

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