GelXA BONE is an enhanced formulation of the GelXA bioink intended for targeted cell differentiation for bone applications whether as a standalone 3D construct or in conjugation with a thermoplastic scaffold. GelXA BONE offers dual-crosslinking capabilities through photocuring and treatment with ionic crosslinking agent.

Also available with a CELLINK base.




Available in 3 mL cartridges.
Includes crosslinking agent.
Sterile production and packaging.
Three-month shelf life.
For research use only. Not for human use.

Product number: IK3X21350301 (1 x 3 mL)
Product number: IK3X21350303 (3 x 3 mL)

We began offering a new and improved GelXA formulation in September 2019. The new blend enables more efficient photocrosslinking and a slightly lower stiffness after ionic crosslinking. If you would like to order the previous version, our team can prepare it upon request.


The bioink has the following quality criteria:

Appearance White semi-translucent gel
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin level <30 EU/mL
pH 6.5-7.4
GelMA degree of methacrylation 45-55%
Gelation temperature 23-27ºC