GelMA FIBRIN bioink is designed to provide relevant biological and mechanical signals for endothelial cells which are responsible for the formation of blood vessels. To make it possible, we added endothelial tissue-specific functionality to GelMA. With the help of fibrinogen, a glycoprotein that can be enzymatically converted to fibrin, we aim to mediate spreading of endothelial cells and proliferation of fibroblasts to mimic physiological tissue vascularization process within bioprinted GelMA constructs.

Recommended for use with BIO X temperature-controlled printhead and cooled printbed, or for use with INKREDIBLE+ and heated printhead. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE.



Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges.
Includes one vial of thrombin.
Sterile production and packaging.
Two months shelf life.
For research use only. Not for human use. 

Product number: IKG106L30301 (1×3 mL) 
Product number: IKG106L30303 (3×3 mL) 


Appearance Clear amber gel
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin level <50 EU/mL
pH 6.5-7.4
GelMA degree of methacrylation 45-55%
Gelation temperature 20-24°C