GelMA-Alginate Kit

Discontinued product. GelMA and Alginate can be bought separately.

GelMA and Alginate blends are among the most common types of bioinks for research such as our GelMA A bioink. The GelMA-Alginate Kit enables you to make your own blends. Both components are sterile and ready to be dissolved at your target concentration in the recommended reconstitution buffer. Easily prepare your GelMA and Alginate blend bioink, or mix it with other biomaterials such as Xanthan or Collagen to create your own bioink!

Don’t forget the cartridges and nozzles.

Recommended for use with BIO X, a temperature-controlled printhead and a heated print bed. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE+ or INKREDIBLE.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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The kit includes: 2 x 500 mg of freeze dried GelMA powder and 2 x 100 mg of freeze dried Alginate powder.
Sterile produced and packaged.
Photoinitiator, 100 mg, in separate vial, not sterile.
Twelve month shelf life GelMA powder
Six month shelf life Alginate powder
Follow recommended guidelines for reconstitution.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

Product no: VL3021001201 (Irga 1 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3021001203 (Irga 3 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3021001205 (Irga 5 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3021021201 (LAP 1 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3021021203 (LAP 3 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3021021205 (LAP 5 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3020001201 (1 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3020001203 (3 x 1200 mg)
Product no: VL3020001205 (5 x 1200 mg)


The product has the following quality criteria:

White powder
Sterility Sterile
GelMA endotoxin level <500 EU/g
Alginate endotoxin level
<10 EU/g
GelMA degree of methacrylation 45-55%

Printability Data

Conical tip (~23.4° C)

This diagram shows the printability and properties of CELLINK GelMA, printed with a 27G conical tip at room temperature (around 23.4° C). The different lines correspond to different printing pressures as indicated by the colors in the legend.


Representative diameters of CELLINK GelMA printed at 20 kPa and increasing translation rates through a 27 G nozzle, representing filaments of CELLINK GelMA at translation rates of (a) 500, (b) 800, (c) 1100, (d) 1400, (e) 1700, (f) 2000 mm/min.

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