Crosslinking Agent

Our Crosslinking Agent contains 50 mM calcium chloride to crosslink bioinks containing alginate, for example CELLINK Bioink, GelXA and CELLINK A. It can also be used to crosslink samples made from our CELLINK Alginate kit as well as for educational prints with CELLINK XPLORE.



Available as non-sterile or sterile.
Available in bottle or dropper bottle.
For research use only. Not for human use.
Specification sheet valid for CL1010001501 and CL1010006001.

Product number: CL1010001501 (Sterile dropper bottle 1 x 15 mL)
Product number: CL1010006001 (Sterile bottle 1 x 60 mL)
Product number: CL1020012001 (Non-sterile dropper bottle 1 x 120 mL)