ColMA Solution 5 mg/ml

ColMA is a unique variation of type I collagen that has been modified with photoactive methacrylate groups, enabling it to be crosslinked in the presence of a photoinitiator. ColMA Solution contains methacrylated collagen dissolved in the acidic Reconstitution Agent A. This biomaterial is a great starting point for your 3D cell culture research, whether you are bioprinting droplets or 3D constructs. Neutralize the solution, with the help of Collagen Buffer, and you are ready to print scaffolds for tissue engineering and high-throughput screening.

Recommended for use with BIO X, a temperature-controlled printhead and a heated printbed. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE+ or INKREDIBLE.

Shipping starts from October 15, 2020



20 mL ColMA Solution 5 mg/mL (sterile).
Minimum 2 months shelf life.

Optional photoinitiator: LAP or Irgacure 2959 (non-sterile)

The kit includes:

  • 20 mL ColMA Solution 5 mg/mL (sterile).
  • 100 mg LAP photoinitiator (non-sterile).
  • 5 mL Collagen Buffer (sterile).
  • 2 x Consumables Kit A5 (Five amber cartridges, five luer lock adaptors, 15 nozzles, all sterile)

For research use only. Not for human use.


The bioink has the following quality criteria:

Transparent to cloudy liquid
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin level <10 EU/mL
Degree of methacrylation

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