Alginate Lyophilizate

This is a new Alginate product with higher viscosity than CELLINK’s previous Alginate Kit.

Alginate is an FDA approved naturally derived polysaccharide isolated from the cell walls of brown algae. Due to its versatility, alginate is one of the most used biomaterials for applications including drug delivery and engineering of tissues such as bone or cartilage. Dissolve Alginate Lyophilizate in our Reconstitution Agent M at your target concentration to prepare your unique bioink for 3D cell culture. Alginate hydrogels are crosslinkable with our sterile Crosslinking Agent containing calcium ions.


  • In a low viscosity formulation for use with the BIO X EMD Printhead to generate microspheres
  • Constituent of an extrudable bioink to enable ionic crosslinking capability
  • In combination with FRESH LifeSupport powder for support bath printing
  • After 3D cell culture you can easily harvest the cells for analysis using the Cell Collect A Bioink Lysis Reagent

Recommended for use with extrusion 3D bioprinters such as the BIO X and INKREDIBLE+

Please contact for bulk quantities

Shipping starts from October 15, 2020



Two 100 mg bottles of lyophilized Alginate (sterile).
Minimum 9 months shelf life

The kit includes:

  • Two 100 mg bottles of lyophilized Alginate (sterile).
  • 50 mL Reconstitution Agent M (sterile)
  • 60 mL Crosslinking Agent – CaCl2 Solution (sterile)
  • Consumables Kit C5 (Five clear cartridges, five luer lock adaptors, 15 nozzles, all sterile)
  • For research use only. Not for human use.  


The bioink has the following quality criteria:

White to off-white lyophilizate
Sterility Sterile
Viscosity 140±30 Pa·s 
pH 6.5-7.4

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