Hand Sanitizer and sanitizing Wipes

Putting your needs first.

We pride ourselves on being there for our customers. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene has become an integral part of staying clean and safe. As experts in producing gels we took the challenge and developed sanitizing products with the highest quality to meet your needs in every environment.

From hydrogel to alcogel

With COVID-19 impacting every corner of the world, we looked inwards to see what we could do to mitigate the effects of this global pandemic. With our production line already creating high quality sterile hydrogels for 3D cell culture we challenged ourselves to extend this process to provide the world with high quality hand sanitizers. Our bioink engineers rose to the challenge and gave us Alcogel.

high quality hand sanitizers
sanitizing wet wipes

Wipes for any occasion

When our academic partners reached out with an urgent need for sanitizing wipes in order to safely bring researchers back, we knew we had to answer that call. Our commitment has always been to reducing barriers to research, we have worked hard to source and produce wipes to facilitate our collaborators to get back to their pivotal work.

Sanitizing solutions for everyone

CELLINK Sanitizers Product - Healthcare


During the COVID-19 pandemic the healthcare industry has to meet even higher standards of hygiene. CELLINK’s sanitizing products help your staff maintain good hygiene, leaving them more time to focus on patients and visitors.



Ensuring schools, universities and labs are clean and safe is crucial. Our solutions are ready to ship and make sure that your faculty, students and staff can keep high standard of hygiene.

CELLINK Sanitizers


Whether it is the factory floor or the operations room, a constant movement of people means there is a greater need to sanitize. Having CELLINK sanitizer and sanitizing wipes ensures that you are covered on all fronts.

CELLINK Sanitizers Product For Offices


Create a safe and healthy office environment with CELLINK sanitizing products. With sanitizer available in multiple sizes you can have bottles for each individual desks as well as for common areas.

CELLINK Sanitizers Product For Hotels


Providing guests with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes is a necessity for hotels today. CELLINK sanitizing solutions allow fast and easy sanitization so your guests feel safe and can enjoy their stay.

CELLINK Sanitizers Product For Restaurants


CELLINK sanitizing products ensure fast and easy sanitization for your staff and visitors. Our soluions are avaialble in different sizes to accommodate your needs.

The product series:

CELLINK Hand Sanitizer

CELLINK Hand Sanitizer kills more than 99.99% of most illness-causing germs while our formula leaves your hands damage free.

CELLINK Sanitizing Wipes

Easily cleanse with CELLINK disinfectant wipes. Comprised of 75% alcohol, CELLINK wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria and eliminates germs.