Cellink bioink kits

The flexibility to customize your own bioinks

We’re dedicated to offering the best bioinks to meet your needs. In this effort, our bioink kits provide everything you need to tailor our high-quality formulas to your parameters. Choose from your preferred form of our ready-to-use biomaterials like GelMA, alginate and more, and instantly dissolve them to your desired concentration.

Easily create complex tissue models

Developing complex tissue constructs doesn’t need to be complicated. Our tissue model kits include everything you need to succeed – from the starting biomaterials to perfusion tubing to antibodies for validation.

The product series:

Alginate Kit

Alginate is one of the most commonly used biomaterials for applications including drug delivery and tissue engineering. Dissolve the powder at your target concentration to prepare as a bioink or biomaterial, or mix it with other biomaterials to create your own bioink.

ColMA Kit

Want more flexibility in your collagen bioink? The ColMA powder kit contains methacrylated type I collagen for use as a 3D tissue construct biomaterial, or as a component in bioink. Just reconstitute it in an acid buffer at your desired concentration and it’s ready to print or be used in your own bioinks.

GelMA-Alginate Kit

GelMA and Alginate blends are among the most common types of bioinks for research. Based on our GelMA A bioink, the GelMA-Alginate Kit enables you to make your own blends. Easily prepare your bioink, or mix it with other biomaterials to create your own bioink.


Want more control over your GelMA-HAMA to enhance your bioinks or 3D culture material? Tailor your own formulation with our sterile and ready-to-use GelMA-HAMA Kit. Reconstitute and blend at your desired concentration to develop your own bioink.

GelMA Kit

CELLINK’s GelMA Kit contains sterile GelMA powder and a photoinitiator, enabling you to blend it into your own bioinks. This kit is easy to use and makes it easy to get started making and customizing your own GelMA-based bioinks. You can also use it as a base material for 3D cell culture.


This is a sterile powder version of methacrylated hyaluronic acid. Our HAMA Kit comes ready to use — just add sterile buffer to reconstitute at your desired concentration and you can start incorporating your bioinks and other 3D cell culture constructs.

Liver Tissue Model Kit

CELLINK’s Liver Tissue Model Kit is your solution for generating and analyzing liver tissue models.

The kit comes with bioinks that accommodate multiple cell types including hepatocytes, stellate cells, Kupffer cells and endothelial cells, giving you the ability to tailor each model to your needs.

Skin Tissue Model Kit

CELLINK’s Skin Tissue Model Kit gives you everything you need to generate skin tissue models, from bioinks for bioprinting tissues to antibodies for targeted analysis.

The kit’s bioinks are designed to mimic the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.


The first starting kit for 3D bioprinting.

The sterile CELLINK STARTINK® Kit makes it easy to mix cells gently with any of our bioinks, creating a ready-to-print cartridge in a simple one-step process.


Creating thick tissue that can accommodate high cell density requires nutrient and gas exchange that is effective enough to reach every cell throughout the tissue. To accomplish this, engineers need to vascularize the tissue.

The CELLINK VasKit prints a larger primary vessel with a relatively simple geometry to enable microvasculature to develop during incubation.