Ground-Breaking Cell Preservation Solution

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Ground-Breaking Cell Preservation Solution

A novel solution to cell preservation and transportation at room temperature. Delivering viable and functional cells in multiple formats.



BeadReady™, WellReady™ and TissueReady™ accommodate a range of experiments and applications.



Keeping cells viable at room temperature up to 3 weeks ensures cost-efficient transport, without risking cytotoxic cryopreservation.

300 %


A demonstrated improvement in monocyte recovery in comparison to thawing.

Simple and Cost Efficient

The Atelerix method encapsulates cells in alginate gel, keeping them safe during storage and transport, and then releasing them ready-to-use when they reach their destination, eliminating the expense and high risk of expedited shipment of cryopreserved packages.


Designed for cells in suspension. Mix cell suspensions with alginate solution and then drop into the gelation solution for convenient and safe shipping.

Encapsulation Process

1. Gel

2. Store

3. Release

4. Pellet & Use

1. Gel A and Gel B

2. Gelation Buffers

3. Wash

4. Gel C & Store


Protects cells and organoids in multi-well plates with layers of alginate gel. Conveniently release cells by adding the release buffer.


Whether it is biopsies from the field or cultured constructs, with TissueReady, a simple two-step process ensures total protection for transportation.

1. GelBase Beads

2. Gel A & Tissue

3. Store

4. Release & Use

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