CELLINK´s commercialized technology featured on the cover of Science Magazine

CELLINK has partnered with Volumetric to commercialize the Lumen X Bioprinting platform in March 2019. Research conducted with the Lumen X technology platform is featured on the front page of Science Magazine Vol. 364, Issue 6439 and the scientific breakthroughs achieved with the technology are published in the journal.

In the Science Magazine publication led by Dr. Bagrat Grigoryan, the Lumen X platform successfully created functional vascular networks and demonstrated significant potential to enhance the study of intervascular transport, nutrient delivery, host engraftment and more.

The circulatory and pulmonary systems in air-breathing vertebrates contain intertwining networks of vessels that do not intersect with each other, and reproducing these structures has been a major challenge for many bioprinters.

CELLINK partnered with Texas-based startup Volumetric earlier this year to commercialize the Lumen X, a bioprinter that leverages more than one million points of light to construct microscopic features with speed, fidelity and precision. CELLINK, the world’s first bioink company and the global leader in bioprinters and bioinks, continually seeks new partnerships to provide researchers with emerging capabilities and innovations in the field.

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