CELLINK to bring Livecyte high content live cell imager to a wider audience

Today, CELLINK and Phasefocus announced a partnership to bring Livecyte, a high content live cell imager, to a wider market. Live cell imaging is essential to answering some of the most pressing questions in the life sciences, but conventional methods often involve labeling cells, a potentially harmful process that can alter research outcomes. Livecyte’s integration of the patented label-free Quantitative Phase Imaging technology with state-of-the-art automatic cell tracking algorithms enables users to automatically characterize growth, morphology and motility of large populations of cells in a 96-well plate assay format. Combining CELLINK’s already extensive product portfolio of bioprinters, liquid handlers and bioinks with Livecyte offers researchers a unique opportunity to improve workflow efficiencies in application areas such as drug discovery, regenerative medicine and cell-based assays.

“We have taken an important step to better serve our customer base by adding the groundbreaking Livecyte to our growing live cell imaging portfolio,” says Paul Berning, Head of Global Sales at CELLINK. “With the CELLCYTE X and Phasefocus’s high content live cell imager, our collaborators enjoy an uninterrupted workflow while pushing the boundaries of their work even further.”

Phasefocus CEO Martin Humphry adds, “We are very excited to be working with the talented team at CELLINK. Their complementary product portfolio and vision is a natural fit with Phasefocus. The partnership will help us reach a much wider customer base and bring the unique capabilities of Livecyte to a new audience.”

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