CELLINK launches new educational platform for Bioprinting: CELLINK GO – Made to Revolutionize Education


CELLINK has announced the official launch of the new 3D Bioprinter and educational platform, CELLINK GO, specifically made for high school and university level education.


“We’ve realized that the building an industry requires education, passion, and a burning desire for change. Throughout our journey we have seen a great unmet need in the field of education and the need for students to learn more through hand-on experience. Our customers have spoken, and we are excited to provide a solution that will make wonders for them. The world of education is changing rapidly, and students are getting hungrier for real, hands-on education as it enhances the entire educational experience.” said CELLINK CEO, Erik Gatenholm


Developed by the CELLINK team led by Hardware manager Johan Löfgren and product developer Adam Micha, CELLINK GO is set to revolutionize bioprinting education for the younger generations. Students between the ages of 14 and 20 were chosen to assist in the development of CELLINK GO to ensure simplicity and easy to use functions to help bring CELLINK GO into the classroom.


The CELLINK GO platform includes a Bioprinter, Bioinks, kits, curriculum and other related products and is managed by a laptop software that ensures that users can quickly learn to bioprint various materials. CELLINK’s mission is to work heavily within education to help mold the scientists of the future by integrating 3D Bioprinting into education


Together with bullying prevention organizations Be Strong (bestrong.global), Speak Up (gospeakup.com/se/) and three leading bioprinting scientist Dr. Ali Khademhosseini, Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari and Dr. George Christ, CELLINK will launch the anti-bullying campaign “Fit for Science” in conjunction with the launch of CELLINK Go.

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