CELLINK is Hiring!

Are you looking for a new job? As we continue to grow rapidly, so does our team. We are a group of driven individuals with a common mission to take this company to the next level. If you are ready to work in an exciting, fast paced environment keep on reading.


CELLINK is not your average company. We went from only being a few people this time last year to nearly 30 people.  With rapid growth comes tremendous responsibility and challenges.   Our team has been able to grow at the pace it has due to our dedicated team who constantly goes above and beyond to make that happen.  Working in a startup environment isn’t for everyone and we understand that. We are looking for individuals who get a rush from an environment that can sometimes feel like you’re on a roller coaster (a very exciting one that is).


Working with CELLINK not only means you get to grow with a company   but gives you a chance to influence how this company will progress. We value our employees input and take into account what our employees think will make this company even better. We are looking for people who will not only be good team players but team players who are open to expressing their thoughts. We are looking for people willing to contribute in ways that will help this company continue to flourish and become leaders in biotech.


If this sounds like you, please see our open positions below:


  • Software Developers
  • Sales Associates
  • Production Engineers
  • SEO/Marketing Professionals
  • Quality Engineers
  • Coders for openCV and ML (Specifically for our Blacksburg, Virginia office)


Please email career@cellink.com for more information.

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