CELLINK Internship Interview with Bioprinting Engineer Louaï Chikh

What was your position at CELLINK?


Bioprinting Engineer


How long were you at CELLINK?


4 months


How did you find out about CELLINK?


My supervisor from a previous internship told me about Cellink.


What led you to working with 3D Bioprinting?


In the lab of the company where I did my previous internship, they had a 3D bioprinter that they were not using because it was not working. They told me that I could play with it and try to print with it. At the end of the internship I was able to print some basic lines. I thought it was a cool experience so I wanted to learn more about 3D bioprinting.


Detailed description of internship:


I worked on many completely different things during my internship. I was part of the bioinks team but in fact I was more at the interface between different departments of the company.


One aspect of my work was to test new bioinks formulations. It was either ready to use samples that we got from potential partners or raw materials to create or improve new or existing bioinks. I also was in charge of trying to print new structures such as a face mask or printing with coaxial needles. I was collaborating with development and production to test new features and updates for the INKREDIBLE series and provide them with feedback. I worked with the sales team as well, I helped them answer some of the technical questions they got.


One of my missions was to create content for customers so they are able to use all the capabilities of their printers. I made some videos on how to use the software to print multiple parts objects and took photos of the structures that I printed. I also helped to update/write some application notes about some of our products.


Another big aspect of my work at Cellink was customer support. This includes troubleshooting via email or Skype and  giving advice on printing parameters. I also prepared 3D models (CAD) and gcode files for some customers that knew what they wanted to print but didn’t how to do it. I took part in several  training sessions for distributors and did some training for customers. But the most exciting part for me was when I got to travel to visit customers for installations, I have done two installations, one in Germany and one in the UK.


The fact that I got involved in so many different activities allowed me to learn a lot in various fields. It also prevented me from getting bored. Overall, it was a really good experience to work at Cellink.


What would be your advice for future applicants/people taking your position?


Be curious. Be detail oriented and patient. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, especially in the beginning. Don’t be too overwhelmed by all the things happening at the same time. Be prepared to work hard. Enjoy your time with an amazing team of really nice people.



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