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How To Scale Your Business When You’re Running A Million Miles An Hour


If you would have told me two years ago that my company would have grown from two to 30 people in nearly a year, I would have said you were crazy — not because those weren’t my aspirations, but because at that point I was using a bouncy ball as a chair in an office the size of a closet. From day one, my co-founder and I have been extremely motivated and ready to champion our vision to change the future of medicine through bioprinting.


Those who are not familiar with 3D bioprinting often challenged our goals and wondered how big of an impact we could actually make in the years to come. Fast forward almost two years later. Our technology is in over 35 countries and hundreds of labs and we have close to 40 employees. It is safe to say that our business grew considerably faster than expected. While we were thrilled with the amount of business coming our way, this also meant a great deal of new responsibilities.


Stay Organized To Keep Up With Growth


Throughout our entire journey, our No. 1 priority has been customer care. Our team works around the clock to ensure high-quality service and maximum customer satisfaction. Due to our global business, it is essential for our team to consist of individuals around the world to accompany various time zones.

When you run a startup, the kind of company you are changes several times throughout the course of your journey. Implementing new standards, tools and organization protocols are all part of transitioning from one stage in your business to the next. When your business is undergoing changes at a rapid pace, you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture.


Our constant fixation with focusing solely on our customers led to leaving many other important elements of our business on the back burner. Our structure in-house was not up to par with where we needed it to be. This is still something we work on and will continue to throughout our journey.

Lack of organization within the company was our biggest weakness. Once we realized the number of problems stemming from this issue, we quickly implemented a CRM system. You won’t have customers if you don’t provide a good service.

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