CELLINK CEO and co-founder Erik Gatenholm listed on MIT’s Innovators Under 35 list

3D printing is not only used to make custom plastic objects; the technology has also been put at the service of the health industry to create artificial organs and tissues for transplants. This is demonstrated by this hardware, which prints layers of human skin created by researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain and these blood vessel tissues printed in 3D by a team at Harvard University, USA.

To keep this promising field moving forward, Erik Gatenholm co-founded Cellink, a company that markets a biotink created by his father and more suitable for printing human tissues and organs. Thanks to this undertaking, the young man has become one of the winners of Innovators Under 35 Europe from MIT Technology Review. It is not the first time that Gatenholm Jr. has created a biomedical company: at the young age of 18 he launched one that manufactured cellulose implants for cartilage.


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