CELLINK acquires Dispendix GmbH

Gothenburg 2018-11-30

CELLINK has entered into an agreement to acquire the Biodispensing company Dispendix GmbH

CELLINK AB (“CELLINK”) has entered into an agreement with the owner of Dispendix GmbH. (“Dispendix”) to acquire all shares in Dispendix for a purchase amount of 5 M €(“Acquisition”).

“Our innovative products for non-contact, high throughput dispensing and CELLINK ́s comprehensive bioprinting technologies will extend and provide additional applications to researchers in the life science industry. Customers will benefit from a united company that has a common passion for the commitment to outstanding service and support.” Co-founder of Dispendix, CEO Harry Boeltz and investor Prof. Gunter Festel

“With this strategic acquisition, we are looking forward to taking a new step in CELLINK’s development focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. The Dispendix technology platform complements CELLINKs product range well and increases the uses of our innovative bioink through higher reproducibility and the ability to print more relevant tissue structures. Together, both companies to be stronger and able to offer a more comprehensive solution for both academic and pharmaceutical customers worldwide.” Erik Gatenholm, CEO, CELLINK.


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For more information, please contact:
Erik Gatenholm, CEO Phone: +46 73 267 00 00 Phone: +1 650 515 5566 Email: eg@cellink.com
Gusten Danielsson, CFO Phone: +46 70 991 86 04 Phone: +1 857 332 2138 E-mail: gd@cellink.com


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