Working at CELLINK

At CELLINK, we’re proud to support a tight-knit family that is passionate, persistent and inspired. Across almost 200 employees and offices located all over the world, we strive to maintain our unique culture that empowers each member of the team.

But don’t just take our word for it! We decided to ask around and find out what everyone loves about working at CELLINK. Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to work here!

Always something new

Our Applications Engineer Maria Rodriguez says that it’s the users and their exciting projects that make CELLINK a great place to work. “I spend time visiting labs that are always doing really cool things, and I get to see all different types of applications that use our products,” says Rodriguez. “Plus, it’s nice to do something different every day.”

Working hard, and playing hard to get

“Weekly happy hour!” says Eddie Goncalves, CELLINK’s Customer Service Lead. “I love the networking and camaraderie that happens there on a weekly basis.”


Each CELLINK office is packed with snacks, and everyone is always invited when happy hour comes around.

“It’s great to sit around a six pack and talk about what projects everyone’s working on,” Eddie says.

Building your skill set

On the sales side, Sales Executive Michelle Brook says she likes how CELLINK helps her hone her skills and pick up new ones. “The fast-paced environment has really pushed me to be the best version of myself professionally and personally,” says Michelle. “I’ve learned to balance the challenges of working independently while collaborating with and supporting the team as a whole.”

Your projects are your own

We strive to create an environment where each team member feels encouraged to take the reins on what they do. Applications and Support Intern Griffin Smith says that “freedom” is one of the best parts of his internship at CELLINK. “I’m trusted with real responsibilities as an intern – it gives me more of an opportunity to grow, and I get to truly own the things I work on.”


Interested in joining us on our journey to change the future of medicine? Check out our careers page to see what opportunity is best for you!

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