Top three reasons to attend the CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference

Every year we host our annual global CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference to gather and learn from our community. From the beginning, our emphasis has been on providing quality collaboration and networking opportunities. The CELLINK community consists of individuals from over 600 labs and more than 60 countries around the world. We take pride in the variety of researchers who use our technologies to further their research and make an impact on the future of medicine. Below are three reasons we believe you should attend the CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference:

1. Invaluable networking

We believe working together is far greater than working alone. Several partnerships have been made throughout the last few years. We have connected hundreds of researchers and inspired them to continue to explore new avenues through bioprinting. Last year we had the honor of having Dr. Che Connon speak – one of the scientists from New Castle University behind the first bioprinted cornea.


His dedication and passion that led him to successfully printing corneas inspired a team of fellow CELLINK community members at Florida A&M University. They discovered a way to print multiple corneas simultaneously. Their work was recently recognized by media around the world including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, USA Today and more. This is the kind of inspiration we hope you walk away with after your experience at our conference.

At CELLINK, we work tirelessly to make the wonders of bioprinting accessible to everyone. The BIO X and BIO X6 are ready-to-use, right out of the box. Once they are equipped with a 3D model (.stl file), users can start bioprinting immediately, removing the need for hours of training or tedious g-coding. Through democratizing bioprinting, we hope cell biologists, biomedical engineers and doctors can come together to develop innovative therapies and technologies.


We also offer a range of additional software features, including the assignment of specific layers to different printheads, auto-calibration, and protocol saving. These features improve the complexity and efficiency of your bioprinting workflows.


The BIO X and X6 epitomize user-friendly design, because at CELLINK we believe your focus should be on your research.


2. Learn from the best

Our network of leading researchers enables us to provide you with knowledge from the top scientists in the industry. This year we are pleased to announce we will have Professor Mina Bissell, Professor Ali Khademhosseini, Professor Bob Langer, Professor Nasim Annabi, Professor David Kaplan, Professor David Williams, Professor Kung-Sun Kang and Dr. Melanie Matheu join us as speakers.
Their invaluable expertise and industry insights will help give you a better understanding of how the field of bioprinting is progressing and what we can expect to see in the near future. Understanding the bioprinting environment is imperative to success. We want our community to comprehend the current status and limitations the industry is facing in order to tackle those challenges together. We need to work together to develop a solution to the issues researchers are facing. At our CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference, we bring in industry experts and a variety of workshops to facilitate brainstorming and networking opportunities. Whether you’re a student, a professor or industry executive, you will be sure to walk away with valuable knowledge to help you excel.

3. Connect with the CELLINK team

We pride ourselves in customer care and establishing long-lasting relationships with our community. Without you, CELLINK would not be where it is today. Our conference gives you the opportunity to meet with CELLINK team members from various departments to answer all your questions and listen to your feedback.
What differentiates us from other bioprinting solution companies is our extensive R&D team. We create products for scientists by scientists. We believe the time spent connecting with our team during these few days is crucial to understanding market needs and what technology will be beneficial. CELLINK representatives from hardware, software, R&D, sales and marketing will all be present for you to speak with. Come learn more about the CELLINK family and how we can work together to help you reach your goals.

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