The new front page of bioprinting! Come celebrate with CELLINK!

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It’s a very special day. We are officially the number one result for bioprinting news on Google! Thank you so much for celebrating with us!

We started this website three years ago and we’ve been working to provide content that readers in the bioprinting field will value ever since. And now, three years later, we are the top hit when you search for “bioprinting news”!? To celebrate, we’re going to review some of the biggest accomplishments we’ve achieved since then!

1. Went public in 2016.

Just ten months after launching our first bioprinter, we went public on the Nasdaq. Shares were oversubscribed by 1070% at the initial public offering!

2. Started the largest conference of bioprinting enthusiasts.

Every year we host our annual CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference to gather and learn from our community. We take pride in the many researchers who use our technologies to further their research and make an impact on the future of medicine.


(BTW, there is very limited space remaining for our 2019 conference! Learn more and sign up here.)

3. Sent bioinks and bioprinted structures to space.

In collaboration with the Swedish Space Agency and a team of scientists from Uppsala University led by Professor Elena Kozlova, CELLINK bioprinted cells to study their behavior in space.


We bioprinted the cells on our BIO X using GelMA and CELLINK Bioink. They were launched to space on June 24, and their results could have a big impact on the way we conduct future space missions.

4. Acquired two companies to streamline every researcher’s workflow.

In November 2018, we entered an agreement with DISPENDIX to expand and enhance researchers’ applications in the life science industry. The DISPENDIX technology platform complements our products and enables higher reproducibility and more-realistic tissue structures.


And in August 2019, we acquired the single-cell dispensing company CYTENA. They primarily sell solutions for handling biological cells, enabling users to isolate and dispense single cells in a documented, gentle and sterile process. We’re so excited about this agreement that’s sure to deliver researchers around the world with cutting-edge innovative capabilities.

And there you have it! A quick run-through of our biggest accomplishments to date. Thanks to our team, users and supporters who make it all possible!


Want to be a part of the journey to change the future of medicine? Check out our careers page to find the right position for you!

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See a video on how the system works in practice

Get the link to the full video below, or watch the abridged version on our Youtube channel.

BIO X6 - Demo

BIO X6 - Demo