Harness the power of live cell imaging.

The importance of time

Get the full picture of cellular health and response with kinetic assays from inside an incubator.

The importance of time

Get the full picture of cellular health and response with kinetic assays.

Unlike traditional end-point assays, in which researchers observe cells at one critical time point and draw conclusions about cellular response, live cell imaging gives a more complete picture of cellular response with images of the cells over many time points to draw more insightful conclusions.

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Benefits Designed for Your Success

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Improved Cell Viability

Less disturbances over the course of your experiment reduce the chances of cellular damage.

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Increased Productivity

In incubator solutions give you walk away capabilities, meaning you are free to work on other things.

Fast and intuitive CSV setup

Superior Data

With data collected throughout an experiment, rest assured you are capturing every possible detail pertaining to your experiment.

Application Notes

Written by scientists for scientists, these papers highlight novel ways to optimize one’s research with Cellcyte X.

Determination of Cell Proliferation Using the CELLCYTE X Live-cell Imaging System

Workflows Designed for You


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Insert your sample


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Set up experiment


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Press GO


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Monitor cells


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Intuitive and easy-to-use software for setting up experiments and monitoring images.

software of cellcyte x live cell imaging system

Beauty in the details

Three fluorescent channels to capture a wide range of excitation and emission spectra.

High-quality images and data graphs

Capture high-res images and plot your data points on graphs that are ready for publication.

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