SUPPORT series

The best bioinks for any demonstration

Our SUPPORT Series includes bioinks designed to support constructs and demonstrations. These bioinks incorporate thickeners, sacrificial materials and bright colors to make tailored architectures and educational projects easier than ever.

Perfect constructs, every time

Our bioinks are designed to provide the support you need on any project. Whether you need a bright nonsterile material for your next demonstration or a thickener to fine-tune your construct’s composition, we have the solution for you.

Enhanced cell analysis

Cell analysis is a vital step in every bioprinting process. To make your cell studies as convenient as possible, CELLINK offers a coating solution for bioprinting substrates and enzymatic solutions for the digestion of bioinks without compromising cell-signaling pathways.

The product series:


CELLINK PCL is a high-molecular weight (Mn 50,000) thermoplastic linear polyester derived from caprolactone monomer. This biodegradable polyester has a melting point of 60 degrees Celsius. PCL provides a reinforcing structure to load-bearing tissue constructs, including bone grafts and osteochondral plugs developed for in vitro and in vivo studies. It can also provide a temporary scaffold for overhanging structures.


CELLINK PLURONICS is a copolymer widely used as a sacrificial material for cell-laden constructs and bioinks with poor shape fidelity. CELLINK PLURONICS prints at room temperature and easily dissolves when cooled, making it an easy-to-use sacrificial material.


CELLINK START is a water-soluble gel used as a sacrificial material for cell-laden constructs, bioinks with poor shape fidelity and constructs with porosity along all three axes. CELLINK START prints at room temperature and dissolves easily after washing with culture media (after gelation of the cell-laden bioink) – making it an easy to use sacrificial material.


CELLINK START X is the second generation of our CELLINK START bioink. This new-and-improved formula enables crosslinking using 405-nm light. START X maintains printability through a range of nozzle shapes and diameters. Use it to evaluate construct geometry and for education and training demonstrations. You can also use START X for structural support and as a soft surface during bioprinting within a perfusable organ on-a-chip and for permanent models with customized mechanical characteristics.


CELLINK SUPPORT is the first universal biomaterial thickener for developing bioinks. SUPPORT is optimized to blend with nearly every traditional 3D-culturing material to enhance viscosity and add shear-thinning properties. SUPPORT makes nearly any biomaterial printable, extending the biomaterials that can be used as bioinks. SUPPORT is composed of highly hydrated cellulose nanofibrils and comes in a 3-mL ready-to-print cartridge.


CELLINK XPLORE is a nonsterile bioink designed for demonstrations. Use it to print surgical models and larger organ structures while retaining shape integrity. Similar to CELLINK Bioink, XPLORE has excellent printability and viscosity. XPLORE comes in multiple colors to help visualize the printing process when using several printheads at once.

Cell Collect A

Cell Collect A is a proprietary enzyme-based solution that digests alginate in CELLINK bioinks. At temperatures as low as 4°C, Cell Collect A can be used to harvest cells for several downstream applications including cell viability analyses, RNA isolation, protein extraction, qPCR, western blots, and single-cell analyses. Another use of this product is partial bioink degradation. At low concentrations, Cell Collect A can reduce stiffness of alginate-based bioinks and create less restrictive extracellular environments for enhanced cell proliferation and cell-cell interactions.

Cell Collect G

Cell Collect G is an enzymatic lysis reagent that digests gelatin and collagen in CELLINK bioinks. At temperatures as low as 4°C, reconstituted Cell Collect G can be used to harvest cells for several downstream applications including cell viability analyses, RNA isolation, protein extraction, qPCR, western blot, and single-cell analyses.


Convenient handling of bioprinted constructs is extremely important for cell studies since it can save precious time of your research and, what is even more important, it allows keeping your constructs stable over long cell study period. For this reason, we offer new substrate coating material CELLINK PrintGlue™. It is made of completely transparent nanocellulose that does not interfere with cell imaging and increases attachment of constructs printed with bioinks from CELLINK and GelXA series.

CELLINK Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide that gels at ambient conditions and increases the viscosity of a liquid making it an effective thickener. It is already used as a component in our Chitoink, which is the first printable chitosan-based bioink on the market. Prepare your own hydrogel compositions with excellent printability using our new CELLINK Glucomannan thickener!

CELLINK Nanofibrillated cellulose

Nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) is a wood-derived material consisting of fibrils with high aspect ratio: (5–20 nm wide and several microns long). NFC demonstrates shear thinning behavior as a hydrogel, which makes it a perfect fit for our CELLINK Bioink with excellent bioprinting properties. Now you get a chance to use CELLINK Nanofibrillated Cellulose as a thickener additive to make your unique bioink.

CELLINK Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide that is widely used as an effective and approved thickening agent and stabilizer for various food products. The ability of xanthan gum to significantly change the viscosity of liquid systems at low concentration is applied in our GelX series of bioinks. Our new CELLINK Xanthan Gum thickener provides you with freedom of realizing your own hydrogel compositions with tuned rheological properties for printability.