Lumen X PhotoInk™ Series

Hydrogels optimized for speed, accuracy and resolution

Lumen X PhotoInk™ Series

hydrogels optimized for speed, accuracy and resolution

Volumetric PhotoInk™ hydrogels have been optimized for speed, accuracy and resolution when 3D bioprinting everything from macroporous scaffolds to microfluidic devices with the DLP (digital light processing) Lumen X. Select from biocompatible PEGDA and GelMA-based formulations to suit a range of applications.

Thanks to fast photopolymerization, PhotoInks print out constructs up to 14mm in under 30 minutes. Hydrogels come in a range of stiffnesses to suit many applications and photocured constructs get clearer over time.

With the GelMA PhotoInk, cell pellets can be mixed in to embed cells in bioprinted constructs with little to no impact on cell viability.

Only for use on the Lumen X.

Not for use on BIO X, INKREDIBLE or INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters.

The product series:

PEGDA Start PhotoInk™

Optically opaque for quickly testing new geometries or learning to use the Lumen X. It is ideal for printing microfluidic devices and building tissue lattice structures with struts >200 µm.

PEGDA PhotoInk™

Optically clear and optimized for soft, gas-permeable constructs. It is ideal for bioprinting microfluidic devices with intricate vascular architectures and for building macroporous scaffolds with struts >600 µm.

PEGDA200 PhotoInk™

Optically clear and optimized for flexible, gas-permeable constructs. It is ideal for bioprinting tissue lattice structures with struts >300 µm.

PEGDA500 PhotoInk™

Optically translucent and optimized for rigid macroporous scaffolds or static mixers, including lattice structures with struts >200 µm.

GelMA PhotoInk™

Mostly transparent and optimized for biodegradable constructs that favor cell adherence. It can be mixed with cell pellets and photocured with little to no impact on cell viability.

The product series:


Volumetric’s vats are lined with a proprietary silicone formula to enable gentle separation of cured PhotoInk™ layers while printing with the Lumen X.

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