Bioinks are the engines of the bioprinting field


Bioprinting community,

What came first, the bioink or the bioprinter? At CELLINK we like to say the bioink because we started with one standardized bioink and no bioprinters and now we have over 25 standardized bioinks and the three top of the line bioprinters systems in the world. This philosophy has driven and focused us on our journey with you in the bioprinting field. Bioinks are the engines of the bioprinting field. They are what the cells grow in. They are what the cells remodel. They are what will constitute the engineered tissues of tomorrow.

To enable this tomorrow, it is critical to develop bioprinter systems such as the BIOX to print these bioinks as easily as possible. This goes back to our philosophy, that the bioink comes before the bioprinter. The system should bend to the bioink and not the other way around. At CELLINK we do not simply provide you a biomaterial adopted from an existing product line and put the bioprinting optimization on you.  At CELLINK we provide you with a bioink that we can stand behind, that we have printed ourselves, optimized to be used with a bioprinter system, and optimized for different cell types. We understand that some bioinks can be difficult to print, there will be failures, there will be challenges. At CELLINK we constantly work to adapt and improve the hardware (whether new printheads, surface controls, or software improvements) to print these bioinks. The BIOX system was developed for this purpose, the flexibility comes from the shear diversity of bioinks that need to be printed.

We ask you to choose CELLINK as your bioink and bioprinter partner not because we claim to be the best, but we will be your partner in your research as we seek to make you the best. We understand your struggles and the challenges with printing certain bioinks. We have gone through much of the same developing, optimizing, and producing our bioinks. Experience is the best teacher. We want to share this knowledge with you. We will be with you on all of the steps of your bioprinting journey and on the way, we hope to provide bioinks and bioprinters we can stand behind as we drive the field forward together.

Happy Bioprinting,

Patrick Thayer, PhD
Bioink Officer


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