4 Years. 1,000 Scientists. 55 Countries.

In 2016, CELLINK commercialized the world’s first bioink, a biomaterial innovation eight years in the making. That milestone was the first of many along the company’s four-year journey to become the world’s leading bioprinting company with systems used to optimize cell-based applications for more than 1,000 scientists across more than 55 countries.

Delivering the impact of groundbreaking research to the world
Today, CELLINK is a publicly listed, global company working to maximize the impact of groundbreaking life-science research through the transfer and commercialization of scientific breakthroughs into accessible, state-of-the-art technologies that disrupt entire industries.

With an enthusiastic and cross-functional team of more than 200 engineers, scientists, finance experts and sales and marketing specialists, CELLINK houses the resources needed to efficiently nurture and rapidly develop valuable academic findings into cutting-edge products with extensive applications and commercial channels.

Proven track record of transforming ideas into revolutionary products
Combining persistence, passion and innovative excellence enabled CELLINK to catalyze and accelerate the genesis of the bioprinting industry. We optimized the path to commercialization to drive the advancement of bioprinting technologies from the lab to the clinic with unprecedented speed – transforming CELLINK into the globally recognized gold standard of pioneering cell cultivation systems in pharmaceutical research and drug development.

Our commercially minded team led us to observe the larger ecosystem that bioprinting technology is part of. Since 2016, we have leveraged our world-class market awareness and direct sales channels to bring the benefits of research to a growing number of cell-based applications by working directly with customers around the world. Through the successful development of a product portfolio spanning more than 80 patented and patent-pending technologies across five companies, CELLINK has become the trusted partner for the acumen, strategy and assets needed to navigate rapidly evolving markets.

After adapting our mission to this concept, three core application areas essential to cell culturing emerged: bioprinting, analysis and liquid handling/bioprocessing. We began designing and acquiring complementary technologies within these fields to strengthen scientists’ full workflow with CELLINK-quality solutions.

This is an exciting time for CELLINK as we continue applying our industry-leading expertise, persistent work ethic and passion to drive advancement in bioprinting and beyond. We are looking forward to integrating our new core capabilities and widening the range of areas where users can expect CELLINK-quality results.

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