Printing multi-vascular architectures for tissues and organs using photopolymers and light

Volumetric was founded in March 2018 by Jordan Miller, Ph.D., and Bagrat Grigoryan, Ph.D., from Rice University. The Methuselah Foundation was a founding investor. And the Methuselah Fund provided seed money. Miller — a bioengineer educated at MIT and Rice University — has over 20 years of experience with biomaterials. Currently, he’s an assistant professor at Rice and a founder of Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (Houston, TX).

Grigoryan was Miller’s first graduate student. As fate would have it, Grigoryan arrived at Rice with a burgeoning interest in Miller’s passion — hydrogels. Hydrogels are soft, water-based polymer networks akin to gelatin that share many of the same physical and chemical properties as mature human tissue, and are a perfect environment in which to grow cells.

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